7 minute read Published: 2019-11-15


Assembly (YCS15) - CTO:

2014-2018: GetScale became Assembly. Fulfillment, Sourcing, and Process Control

From 2014 to 2018 I led an international team of engineers in Redwood City, CA and Shanghai, China. I established practices around engineering, security and operations. I participated in hiring and firing, building company culture, and worked with sales and operations. Both participating in and eventually leaving Assembly were some of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm grateful for everyone I ever had the opprotunity to work with there and to my co-founder Jonathan for all of their hard work and support throughout the experience.

mDNS based local peer discovery and Console Network - 2017
Source controlled Devops - 2017
Warehouse Service Sales and Support - 2017
Support for operating in bandwidth limited environments - 2016
LCD Character Recognition - 2016
QR Code scanning performance - 2016
Log ingestion and transport - 2016
Event sourcing model with reactive queries - 2015
Delay tolerant networking infrastructure - 2015

GetScale (YCS15) - CTO:

2014: High volume consumer electronics manfacturing, tooling and management

Prototype Quality Control system - 2014
Bill of Materials Optimization - 2014
Product Lifecycle Management system - 2014

CircuitHub - Software Engineer:

2013-2014: Small volume electronics manufacturing

Library managemnt
Footprint/symbol editor

BlackJet - Software Engineer:

2013: Uber for private jets

Charter booking interface
Pricing Quote management

MixRank - Software Engineer:

2012: Competitive advertising analytics

Site Redesign

Flint Mobile Payment - Software Engineer:

2012: Optical character recognition based mobile payments platform

Banking transaction protocol implementation